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Interview Showcases

Our research tells us that the job interview remains an immediate and significant barrier for those living in disadvantaged communities who are job ready.

We have developed The Interview Showcase model to test a completely new way of addressing this barrier. 

The Showcases create a live and atmospheric situation that brief two dimensional films cannot. It is our experience that trying to create a real environment through mock 1:1 interviews and role play doesn't work for many people in our beneficiary group. They are too nervous and self-conscious to benefit from this method of teaching. The visual combined with a sense of atmosphere is a new approach.

Job seekers will be invited to attend showcases. The performers will be volunteers and staff from the Business Sector who lead on recruitment.

The performances focus on appearance, body language, attitude, answering interview questions and demonstrate how "not to do it" as well as how to maximise potential for success.

We aim to make the experience enjoyable, educational and engaging.