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Style & Image for Women

At Style and Image UK we help you look and feel your own kind of fabulous by identifying your individual style unique to your personality.

We plan for holidays, Christmas and how we decorate our homes but how many of us spend time planning our wardrobes and our visual image - something that in some shape or form impacts on every day of our lives?

The Style Finder

We assess body shape to find styles and types of garments that flatter your figure and match with lifestyle and image you wish to present to the world. Regardless of age, size, shape, height we will take away the stresses of styling, dressing and shopping.

Dress to flatter your body shape for true style and confidence

The Wardrobe Consultation

  • Items in your wardrobe you never wear, maybe never worn?
  • Wardrobe overflowing yet nothing to wear?
  • Not even sure what is in your wardrobe?
  • No real idea how many complete outfits you have?
  • Wearing the same few items over and over again?

We can help.

You will be surprised at how what you already own can be put together to freshen your look.

"Most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time!"

The Personal Shopping Experience

- Thought of shopping for clothes fills you with dread?

- No idea which shops and ranges to work for you?

- Wander round aimlessly for hours and end up buying things randomly?

- You buy because:

  • It fits
  • It will fit you when you have lost weight or gained weight
  • It's a nice colour
  • You have spent so long out shopping you feel you must buy something
  • It looked good on the hanger but you never tried it on
  • It looked good on someone else
  • The shop closes in 10 minutes and you need something new for tonight
  • It's in the sale

Let us work with you to build your existing wardrobe to maximise the wearability of what you already have and create a useful shopping plan.

You will be amazed at how the right clothing and accessories will work for you. Through being styled you will begin to recognise that money spent with us is a worthwhile investment in your most valuable asset YOU!

"Dress for the life and career you are striving for, not the one you have!"